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Item properties


Fig. 2.5.4 Item properties


Host (name or IP) – the name or IP address of the device the values of the variables are read from. You can enter either URL (for example, www.aggsoft.com) or the IP address (for example, The field stores the last 10 entered values, so if the name is the same for different variables, you can select it from the list. The default is localhost.


Port – the port the program uses to connect to the device (previous property). The default is 161.


Community – the group of variables on the remote SNMP device. The default is public. Note: The community with the "public" name is set on the remote device by default. The network administrator can change this name for any other name for security reasons. The field stores the last 10 entered values as well.


Get variables – refresh the variables in the "Variable" drop-down list (see below). If the remote device does not exist, if you enter an invalid port, or if you specify a non-existing community, you will see a warning on the screen.


Base OID – the base group of SNMP variables on the remote device. The program will start getting variable names for the "Variable" list from this group and below. The default is ".". All MIB-II variable names begin with this value. More detailed information about MIB (Management Information Base) you can find here. If you specify an invalid value here, then the program will return an empty list of variables.


Name – the name of the variable on the remote device. You can type it manually or select it from the list. To fill the list with variables, click the "Get variables" button. The field is empty by default. You can see sample variables in fig. 2.5.4. You can enter either a numeric path or a symbolic path for the standard (.iso.org.dod.internet.private.enterprises) variable location. You can also combine symbolic and numeric methods. The name should always begin with a dot symbol.


Data type – the type of data in the variable being read. If the "Variable" list is filled and you select a variable from the list, the data type of the selected variable will automatically appear in this field. The default is Null.


Export name – if you specify any name in this field, this value will be used during export instead of the variable name. By default, the string is empty.