Data Logger Suite: Logging and Monitoring

MODBUS Sunspec Compatible Inverters and Power Meters

Problem scenario:

My goal is to read data from a power inverter with MODBUS RTU or MODBUS/TCP.


It is assumed that:

You have configured the communication settings on the device:

  • MODBUS TCP - IP address, Subnet, Gateway. You must assign a static IP address for the device.
  • MODBUS RTU - baud rate and the number of data bits.


1. Create a new configuration from the main window using the "Green Plus" button. Then configure the connection with your Sunspec-compatible device (fig. 1). This example shows the connection settings for MODBUS TCP. If your device uses MODBUS RTU, look here.

IP connection settings
Fig. 1: IP connection settings

2. Click "OK," and save the connection settings. Now, the program saved and applied the communication settings, and you can continue configuring data logging.

3. Go to your configuration setting again (Main window - Options - Manage configurations - Modules - Query Parser Filter). Select the "MODBUS TCP" or "MODBUS RTU" plugin from lists. Then click the "Setup" button.

MODBUS plugin selection
Fig. 2: Selecting the MODBUS plugin

4. Click "Action - Add Sunspec compatible device" (fig. 3).

Adding a MODBUS device
Fig. 3: Adding a MODBUS device

5. Specify the device address (fig. 4).

Entering a device address
Fig. 4: Entering a device address

5. The logger will start reading device information. If the operation completes successfully, you can select the necessary MODBUS registers from the showed list (fig. 5).

Registers map
Fig. 5: Registers map

6. Adjust the polling interval as you want.

7. Click the "OK" button. The program adds one or more requests to the queue (fig. 6).

MODBUS queue
Fig. 6: MODBUS queue

8. Enable the "Export data for all requests at once" option (fig. 1).

9. Notes:

  • RS-485: if you connect several devices to the RS-485 network, you may specify several addresses like 1,2,3,4,5
  • MODBUS/TCP and Ethernet: usually, the device address is "1". In the TCP settings, you must specify an IP address for each MODBUS device separately.

Known compatible Sunspec devices:

This list is not complete, and we add new devices to it periodically:

SolarEdge Inverters
Huawei SUN2000
Ginlong Solis Inverters
Delta Electronics, Inc. Inverters
Delta Products
Schneider Electric Conext
Carlo Gavazzi VMU

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